1. / I am a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (HCE) and I have “Entitlement License” issued by the HCE. You can find me in the Chamber’s official “Register of Designers and Experts”.

1.1 / Chamber of Engineers No: 01-10472
1.2 / FMV / MüE No: 01-60708

1.1 / Chamber of Engineers disciplines

Special expertise:

- Building electrification, energy, power lines, lighting, information technology, lightning protection.
- Fire protection.
- Vn - Lightning protection.

Active licenses:

EN-T - Energy (facilities and technology), Designer
TUJ - Built-in fire detection equipment, Designer
TUO - Built-in firefighting equipment, Designer
V-T - Electrical Engineering, Designer

1.2./Accountable technical manager / technical expertise of auditors

Active permits:

ÉP/ ÉV - Building Structures electrical work without restrictions, Accountable technical manager

2. / Master Electrician exam:
Master Electrician KIOSZ 318/1980

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