villamosmérnökMy name is Michael Csombók, an electrical design engineer of the profession, and I live with my family in Budapest. The University of Pécs Pollack Mihály Faculty of Mechanical Engineering College Faculty Building electrification studies conducted in 1977, and after I received my diploma I work as a Qualified works engineer of building electrification. Since then, such as electrical design engineer, I worked more jobs, while continuously developing the electrical engineering work related to expertise being attached to the electrical engineer work. The saying goes „ The good priest studied until dead.“, which I think is in electrical engineering designers as valid as the age progresses the changing design challenges need to keep pace, the quality of electrical engineer planning work order.

Csombók Mihály

electrical design engineer

Telephone: +36-30-539-9999

You can find my membership data and valid licenses on the home page of Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers.

„The imagination is the basis of everything. This is what gives an insight into the future.“

Albert Einstein

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